Strategic Goals (2014-18)

Goal: IACO will increase awareness of caregivers, who they are, what they do.

Rationale: ‘Self-identification’ of caregivers is a challenge. Caregivers consider caring to be an inherently private, family and charitable activity. It is commonly reported that many people providing care in such situations ‘do not identify themselves as caregivers’. Identification of individuals as caregivers is occurring through a number of indirect ways in various countries and IACO has the broad scope to identify and articulate these.

Goal: IACO will clearly define the detrimental effects of being a carer both within member countries and globally.

Rationale: Many countries are currently compiling evidence that indicates the adverse social, economic, health and political consequences facing carers today. IACO will explore the global consequences of these challenges within two frameworks:

  • Health and well-being of the carers.
  • Flexible workplaces for employed caregivers.

Goal: IACO will articulate a common and unifying issue that caregivers face across the globe and raise international awareness.

Rationale: The availability and active involvement of family caregivers is vital to the provision of effective health and social care outside of institutions. An ageing global population, together with greater life expectancy, is resulting in greater levels of dependency ratios with more people requiring care and support relative to the formal working population. For many patients or care recipients, the concept of independence is not feasible – as in the case of an individual choosing to die at home, or someone with complex care needs that impact both physical and mental abilities. In order to have independence, you must have interdependence.