Governance & Structure

The General Assembly of IACO consists of delegates from each member organization and reflects an international presence. Each delegate serves as a senior executive in their home organization and possesses specific skills that will be beneficial to IACO.

Board Representation

The General Assembly elects a Governing Board to act on its behalf. The Governing Board representatives include the established committee chairs, the President/CEO of the Secretariat organization and other identified representatives. The Governing Board ensures the collective interests of members are respected, obligations are fulfilled, and the operational structure is effective.

Expert Advice

The Governing Board can appoint Special Advisors from time to time as needed. A Special Advisor may be someone with certain skills that add to those of the Governing Board Members. They may be able to assist the Board with a particular issue or project, or give more general support. IACO Special Advisors use their expertise and experience to assist the Governing Board in achieving their aims. These aims are all focused on fulfilling IACO’s mission. Special Advisors have no voting rights within the Governing Board and have no decision-making power.

Active Committees

The Communications Committee oversees the efficient and effective communications strategy for the organisation including strategic planning documents, branding and key messaging, website development and content, public comments, and interactions with the press .

The Membership/Funding Committee contributes to the financial sustainability of IACO by actively identifying and securing funding partners. Activities include the development of a business case for involvement in IACO, developing sponsorship principles and guidelines and sourcing new member organizations.