Global Carer Facts

IACO is working to build an international gallery of caregiver facts and data. Click on the map below and reference the chart to learn more about the carer demographics around the world.

Flag_of_AustraliaAUSTRALIA 2.86 million (2015)[i] $AU 60.2 billion (2015)[ii] 38.4% of primary carers (2012) [iii]
canada_flag copyCANADA 8.1 million[iv] $25 billion [v] 60%[vi]
finland copy frameFINLAND approx. 60,000[vii] data not available data not available
ireland copyIRELAND 274,000[viii] €4 billion[ix] 59.1%[x]
new_zland copyNEW ZEALAND 430,000+ family, whānau, and aiga carers data not available data not available
sweden copySWEDEN 1.3 million (18 yrs+) €20 billion data not available
uk_flag copyUNITED KINGDOM 6.5 million[xi] £119 billion[xii] 53% (% of carers aged 16+ in employment)[xiii]
usa copyUSA[xiv] 43.5 million $470 billion 60%

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education and other overhead obligations of an employer).

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